Nexteland Boost users will receive text services only. You may cancel anytime by text messaging the word STOP from your mobile phone. Standardcarrier charges may apply.  For help text HELP or refer to the homepagefor phone or email.  $9.99/month charged to phone bill or deducted fromprepaid balance.  Minimum age restrictions apply. You must be 18 orolder in order to participate in the following states: Florida

Summary of Terms
AdditionalCarrier charges may apply. Text messaging capability is required forall services. Web-enabled handsets are required to download multimediacontent (e.g. ringtones, wallpapers, games, etc.). By entering yourcell phone number, you consent to the provision of your information toone of our service providers, chosen at our discretion, for fulfillmentof the service, as well as to the receipt of a text message containinga PIN code sent to your phone number. Service provider terms andconditions, including offer details, will be posted on the PIN codesubmit page to which you will be directed after you have submitted yourcell phone number. If your phone or carrier does not support multimediacontent, including all Alltel, Nextel and Boost customers, the PIN codesubmit page will offer you a subscription to receive text services fora monthly fee instead of multimedia content. By entering the PIN codeon the PIN submit page, you acknowledge you are subscribing to theservice offered and that you will continue to be billed until youcancel the service. Unless noted otherwise in the service providerterms and conditions, ATT, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Alltel,Cellular One, Nextel, and Virgin Mobile users are billed monthly ontheir mobile service bill at $9.99 per month and Boost Mobile users will have $6.99 per month deducted from their prepaid balance on their mobile service bill. Theservice must be authorized by the applicable account holder

You can begin downloading the ringtones to your phone in just seconds after you confirm your pin #. You choose the ringtones you want and they will automatically be sent to your phone. Once you choose your carrier above, you will be directed to the offer available to you which can be up to 15 total ringtone credits for you to use on any of the hottest ringtones you want.


Step 1 -  Click Your Carrier Above
Onceyou choose your cell phone carrier, you will be taken to the ringtonewizard page where you will enter your cell phone number to confirm thatyour carrier is compatible with accepting the Ringtones. All majorcarriers are compatible such as the ones listed above.  Just click onyour carrier or if it's not listed, click on "All Other Carriers"

Step 2 - Enter Your Cell Number & Confirm Pin #:
After you have clicked on your carrier above, enter your cell phone number into the ringtone wizard page, you will instantly get a text message with the PIN number that you will then confirm and enter on the website. Just make sure that your phone can accept text messages, which almost all of them do. No credit card is needed!

Step 3 - Download ringtones Ringtones:
Finally, you will be able to choose your ringtone content (ringtones), plus you also get more bonus ringtones you can download to your phone at anytime. The ringtones get downloaded to your phone instantly. The whole process to download your ringtones ring tones only takes about 30 seconds! It's so easy, you can get started now, by choosing your cell phone carrier from above

Get 10 ringtone credits for only $9.99/month